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ially since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, China has upheld the dominant position of the people, taking a people-first approach and ensuring that the people are the masters of the nation. The state strives t▓o ensur

e the rights of the people, fully protects the▓ir interests, and promotes legislature based on rational analysis, strict law enforcement, judicial justice, and observance of the law by all citizens. Progress ha▓s been made in modernizing the system and capacit▓y of state governance. China has effecti

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vely protecte▓d the people's rights and freedoms in an extensive array of fields in accordance with the ▓law, while its people duly fu

lfill their obligations.As ▓China enhances the rule of law in all respects, new progress has been made in human rights protect▓ion in the field of j

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Effective Strategies
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Party of Chin

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ustice. The re▓form of the judiciary has been driven to a ▓deeper level, with improvements i

n the ▓allocation of judicial powers and responsibilities, judicial accountability and open

ing-up, and the protection of lawyers' right to practice their profess